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EB Power can supply the generator synchronizing up to 32 nos.The synchronizing panel can be synchronized with the mains,generator.The generators operate according the power requirement,If the requirement enlarge,the generators will uninterruptedly starting running up;oppositely,If the requirement decrease,the generators will stopping running one by one.

For single genset in parallel with mains:
a)AMF function
b)Automatic synchronizing and power control
c)Interrupt free load transfers
d)Voltage and PF control
e)Baseload power control

For Multiple genset running in isolated parallel operation or in parallel with mains:
a)Automatic synchronizing and power control
b)Voltage and PF control
c)Active load-sharing
d)VAr sharing

e)Power management based on relative load(optimization of running gensets acording to the load demand)

Standby system with soft return

Multiple gensets in parrallel to grid

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