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Ever Brighting Rental Gensets features:

a)With ABB,GE as option,with RCD relay and Current transformer to protect the electrical leakage, 
b)Can make the synchronizing system,coupled with Comap and Deepsea 
c)synchronizing module,with PMG alternator;
d)The RCBO to protect the currency 
e)Bounded acoustic design,with bouned fuel tank( Double chassis tank protect the oil leakage),could with 24hours fuel tank as option
f)With hook& residential silencer & outdoor type powder coated
g)With three valve oil supply system;
h)With the Forklift Hole as option
i)It is made galvanized processing especially for the Coastal areas
j)With maintenance free battery,the battery charger,oil level sensor and the water level sensor;
k)With 40℃ and 50℃ tropical radiator

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